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About Us


Students wanted to reach higher and become more prepared in real world marketing situations, thus the AMA chapter at the University of West Florida was established in March of 2014. Our chapter is now one of 350 collegiate AMA chapters world-wide with more than 10,500 student members.

Mission Statement

The University of West Florida American Marketing Association (UWF AMA) is established to improve the professional development of members by expanding the knowledge in the field of marketing and building relationships through the University of West Florida and the business community of Pensacola, Florida.

We give our members the opportunity to get a head-start on their career and developing the marketing skills necessary to become successful after graduation. Becoming a member of AMA at UWF will seek to improve resumes, cover letters, public speaking, personal marketability, and confidence.

UWF AMA helps transform college students into business professionals.

Why Join?


What We Do

International Collegiate Conference

An annual event providing the ultimate marketing experience with days of learning, networking, competition, and fun!

Career Management Resources

Career advise and skill boosters through a variety of Marketing Bootcamps and ask the expert series.

Collegiate Connections

Resources on recent college graduates, industry updates, career development information and tips on chapter management available.

Leadership Opportunities

A unique opportunity to manage finances, people, projects, deadlines, and gain a variety of skills

 Collegiate Career Partners

Available career resources of internships and job recruitments with corporate partners



Hope Lavine
Marketing & Sales Management
"I am confident that the AMA has provided me the tools and techniques needed to succeed in my career after graduation. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the AMA’s President at the University of West Florida."

Vice President 

Sarah Al-Qahtani

Marketing & Sales Management

Sponsorship/ Treasurer

Victoria Guffey

Comprehensive Marketing

Communication Chair

Vitor Hirsch Buzatti

Comprehensive Marketing


Ella Cornell

Health Science


11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, Florida 32514

Building 76A, Room 231



Tel: (224) 234-4931

For more information on AMA, please visit www.ama.org

Contact Us

Marketing Solutions


Public relations, promotions, press releases. We will ensure your message gets to the right people and prospects

Social Media

Develop initial social media plan and presence. We will build a social media calendar, posts, advertising, and promotions across social media platforms and blogs.

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